Ushtobe, Kazakhstan

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When travelling is not enough

The gap year: the ultimate self-exploration exercise and example to society of one’s independence.

If we miss our chance before or after university, chances are we will catch up with everyone else and take a sabbatical year off work later in life. Travelling is sold to us as a means of discovery and a rite of passage. We are bombarded with inspirational travel quotations, telling us to “just go” and that “travel is the only thing that makes you richer.”

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5 of my Favourite Places in the World

Prior to writing this I was considering writing about 10 of my favourite travel destinations, though I thought I would challenge myself even more by condensing it down to 5 favourite places. As might be expected, this is quite a superficial list given that there are so many incredible and interesting places in the world, where I could imagine myself living or at least returning to. Continue reading