Alternative Europe: 5 Reason to Visit Lisbon, Portugal

When people plan a Euro trip, there are some regular and expected names of cities, sights and monuments that keep cropping up: Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Munich, Rome, Venice, London, Prague. There is a formulaic itinerary in just about every new place; you visit the cathedral, historic centre, perhaps a museum or two and check some sights off the Bucket list. Eiffel tower check, Louvre check, eating a croissant in a cute cafe in Montmartre check that one too: “I’ve done Paris”.¬†There are a few destinations which get less tourism than they deserve, but have something different to offer. Lisbon is definitely among the most underrated cities in Europe. As someone who has visited Rio, it was strangely familiar to step foot in the capital of the country that made Brazil the country it is today.¬† Continue reading