Un Sogno da vivere: Is Italy the perfect country?

As you may have gathered from my previous posts, I study Italian and French at University. I lived in Italy for some time, visit regularly, I founded an Italian society at my University last year, and I often attend Italian cultural events at the Italian Institute in Edinburgh. I love Italy for its outstanding beauty, both natural and man-made. Rome is one of the most vibrant Ancient cities in the world, where one really gets a sense of continuity whilst navigating the many districts; you are able to see icons of the Roman, Medieval, Religious and Modern world in a very short space of time. The Alps are majestic, the snow capped Monte Bianco/Mont Blanc crowning the country which is so famously shaped like a high-heeled boot. The lakes showcase some of nature’s most beautiful colours, rich azure and India green, dotted with the cupressus trees and red roofed villages which make them¬†quintessentially¬†Italian. This land also offers secret coves, clear blue seas and exclusive islands. I love the pride in culture, from the magnificent uffizi in Florence to the Duomo in Milan, which inspired Alan Lee’s dreamy interpretation of Tolkien’s Minas Tirath. It’s difficult not to feel welcome amongst Italian people, who want you to sample the best of their delicious cuisine. Above all, I love knowing the language.¬†Knowing this language makes visiting Italy or meeting Italian people all the more enjoyable. I would definitely say that Italy is one of my favourite countries. Continue reading